Computer Services

Services/ solution:From starting out as an IT Infrastructure provider to offering Managed Network Services to building Data Centres and foraying into the Cloud Computing and Services space and today offering sector specific solutions, Ojas Solutions evolution has been linear as well as lateral. Projects handled span across industries and functions, Government bodies in over 600+ locations in India. Today, Ojas Solutions offers customized solutions and services across almost each of its offerings stack based on value based pricing and service level assurance contracts.Read More



Hardware services: We will ensure that the internal system of your Laptop / Computer is cleaned properly (all cooling fan(s), power supply, processor heat sink(s) etc). We will clean the laser on your DVD/CD-ROM and Floppy drives. With a clean system your Laptop / Computer will be more efficient with less chance of it over heating, helps with Computer performance and stability.

We will sit down with the customer to discuss everything the customer wishes to do with their Computer / Laptop. After taking down all the information we will do the research required to find the best deal for the parts required. We will then contact the customer to see if they wish to continue. Read More


Software Services : We will advise the customer if they are not running software that will protect their PC / Laptop from Virus's & Trojans, Ad-ware & Spy-ware. We will advise the customer of some excellent Virus & Trojan programs that are free or can be purchased. If the customer decides they would like one of the programs we will either download the version requested or install it depending on whether it is freeware or a purchased copy.

We will upgrade your PC / Laptop from one version to another version of windows only if the customer has a license version. The customer can also do a full installation if they wish instead of an upgrade provided they have a licensed version of the operating system they wish to have installed Read More

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